Some new Ethanisms

I just had to share these new Ethanisms with you! And document them so I never forget:

Me: “I love you”
E: “I love you too, my big girl!”

While eating dinner last night: “I just tasted something yucky, I think it was a bird’s beak.”
Seriously, I doubt Rob had the notion to put bird beaks in the spag bol!

This morning: “Could you please put some lemon juice in my water bottle?”
Well excuuuuse me, Mister! I guess plain water is just not good enough for him anymore!

About 20 times a day: “Do you want me to be Spiderman or Batman? You choose.”
I think you know how this one goes. We choose, but our choice is always the wrong one.

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4 thoughts on “Some new Ethanisms

  1. *LOL*

    Zachary went through the “you have two choices…” stage too. I guess we used to say that A LOT to him! ;)

    Bird beaks…LOL! That’s too funny!

  2. Awww, how cute! I hope you are going to scrapbook them lol! Kamryn comes out with some funny things too. I’ve written down some but others I guess we just take for granted because she is at that age of just saying many funny things.

  3. The first one was my favourite : )
    I bet that made you smile from ear to ear! Luke said recently: “Why thankyou, Muvvaaaa” without being asked. It was more in the way he said it, that I found special : )

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