Ethan’s first "boys only" road trip!

This coming weekend, Rob and Ethan are going on a road trip!

Ever since Ethan was born, Rob has been looking forward to doing things like this with him, just the two of them. And when Tyler is older, just the three of them. Just the boys. No girls allowed!

In his 3 and ¾ years, Ethan has been on quite a few “adventures” with us. Snow holidays, aeroplane holidays, beach holidays, camping holidays and numerous long weekends in Whangarei. He’s also gone on holiday with mummy, leaving daddy at home. But he’s never gone away with daddy on his own.

Although the idea has been brewing in Rob’s mind for a few years, it was actually Ethan who suggested it. A couple of weeks ago, out of blue, he said to Rob, “Daddy, we should go on a secret trip, just you and me. And we should go to a lake! But I don’t know where there is a lake.” His little face went from excitement to disappointment, until Rob said “I know a really great lake we can go to.” Rob’s been dying to go to Kai-Iwi lakes this summer but it just hasn’t happened. Although summer is officially over, my boys are still swimming in the sea like the water is 38 degrees, so they are not going to mind if it is a little cooler now.

So the trip is being planned for Friday night. They will start the 3-hour drive after dinner, so that Ethan will sleep in the car. They’ll get to the lakes and find a spot to park the car, and they’ll sleep in the wagon. No tenting on road trips, apparently!! Then they will spend all day Saturday swimming in the lakes and doing “boy stuff” together.

From what I have heard about Rob’s previous road trips (with his mates), there is absolutely no preparation necessary. No food needs to be purchased before departure. That would require organisational skills. And if have those, you are not allowed to come. You spoil all the fun if you are organised. I guess Rob *might* have the foresight to pack Ethan’s pull-ups, blankie, water wings and toothbrush, but otherwise it will be a matter of grabbing a couple of sleeping bags, chucking a few items of clothing onto the back seat, carefully selecting some CDs to play on the journey, and jumping in the car.

I’m sure my boys will have a fantastic time. I’m going to try not to worry about them at all. We’ll see if that actually happens … though I’m not very optimistic!

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8 thoughts on “Ethan’s first "boys only" road trip!

  1. I’m even more excited about it now after reading that. Wish you could come but that just wouldn’t be right- boys only eh.

  2. That will be such a cool thing for the 2 of them. Matthew does afternoons out (and weekends at home when I gow away), but he, too, is looking forward to boys’ trips; fishing, hiking, etc.Hope they have a great time!

  3. Oh, how much fun!!! That would be so much fun! My hubby can’t wait to take the boys fishing and on “boys only trips” too…and truthfully, I can’t either! Enjoy your quiet time and try not to worry!

  4. We must be brave, letting our hubbies take the boys on trips etc… but it is hard! It’ll be fine. Just you and Tyler together over the weekend, then? This weekend both the boys will be staying at the Grandparents (the third time this will have happened). I miss them, but the break is good for me, and them, AND for the doting grandparents ; )

  5. Oh my gosh, I can’t even imagine Chris taking ONE of our boys let alone both of them anywhere. I’d be one worried mama – just because I know MY kids aren’t ready for that kind of trip yet – they don’t listen well enough, and aren’t aware of danger enough. I’m sure Ethan will have a wonderful time though, and it will be great for them to bond as father and son. Sounds like the beginning of a great tradition (hey, who wouldn’t want a little mommy time alone!) and the start of some wonderful memories for your kids!

  6. Angella – Rob does lots of afternoons with the boys now, and I love the “me” time!

    Lisa – I won’t have too much quiet time, because I’ll still have Tyler. But at least he has a nap!

    Rach – yep, just me and Tyler. He is so placid when Ethan is not around, LOL!! Enjoy your quiet weekend! My boys are having a sleepover at the grandparents next weekend … it is my birthday and Rob has organised a day trip.

    Jenn – you’ve got me worried now!! You never know, Duncan might be okay on his own with Chris? My boys are worse (behaviour-wise) when they are together!

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