Cutest pictures ever!

Well, in my humble opinion, anyway.
Here are Tyler’s 18-month PixiFoto portraits taken a couple of weeks ago.
All the pictures they took were awesome, but at $35 for each 5×7, I had to be restrained!
I love these ones though.
The quality is not perfect, as these are digital photos that I took of the originals. Naughty, I know. But I can’t afford to buy originals for the family, not at those prices :-)

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10 thoughts on “Cutest pictures ever!

  1. Too cute! I love the first one of Tyler in that hat. It reminds me of the hat that my Granddad used to wear all the time. PixiFoto can be expensive, aye. I remember the time that me and my sister took our kids to a photographer a couple of years back. My sister could only afford the one photo, but gave it to our Mum instead. So I scanned the original before she sent it to her so at least she has a copy of herself and her daughter, framed on the wall.

  2. Christi – OH NO! Did you think I took digital pics of the ones I didn’t buy??? No, these are the ones I DID buy, but I had to take a photo of them to get them on my computer, because the scanner is playing up.
    I would never take digital photos of the other ones that I didn’t buy! There were 5 other shots that I only got to see for a few minutes when I went to view them. The second one was the “free gift” and the first one I spent $35 on!

  3. Ohhhhhhh, got it! I was a bit confused! I wondered what the trick was cause I was going to take my camera next time lol! I hate how much they cost as well. It’s soooooo cheap in the states. Everything is done on the computer too so you can see the photos right there when they are done. It really sucks here but I guess they need a BIG cheap competitor to come in and give them a run for their money.

  4. Han, this is mum – trying to put up with my sick computer, but I’ve just updated myself on all your posts – you are a legend! The photos are just great and Ty is soooo gorgeous!
    I’m getting the computer fixed – I’m so missing doing this. Hi to Angella – it’s neat you have so many friends on here.LUV you heaps

  5. Wow!!! He is so darn cute!! I printed out the first pic off our printer. I’ve been wanted some new photos of the boys, so thats cool!

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